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Qi Gong

Qigong (Chigong) Classes, Olympia WA

Qi Gong is a gentle, meditative exercise that integrates gentle movement, breath, and focused intention to promote health, vitality, and emotional balance.


Classes Offered

Spring 2017

This 8 week course will cover the Return to Spring qigong form.  Spring is a time of growth and renewal; this form is a profound way to be in harmony with the season, rejuvenating and energizing the body after periods of inactivity or illness.  The graceful set of movements detoxifies the body and improves circulation while fostering a lighthearted and happy spirit.

Time: Sundays 7:15-8:15 pm March 5-April 23

Location:  Yoga Loft. 219 Legion Way SW,  Olympia

Cost: $100 (8 week course)   Registration is required. Space is limited.

To register, click here and select the workshops tab:
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Medical Qigong

Medical qi gong is one of the oldest branches of Chinese medicine. It is a therapeutic method for improving health and wellbeing, regaining and maintaining mind/body balance, preserving health, and enhancing longevity through the training of the mind, the breath and the physiological processes of the body.  Treatments usually involve gentle bodywork, energy therapy, and/or personal exercise instruction.

Price: $80 per hour-long session

By Appointment Only


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qi?

Qi (pronounced chee) may be translated as life force or vital energy.  It is the fundamental substance of the universe- everything in the universe is a manifestation of Qi, both within the body (i.e., the different organs, tissues, channels, emotions, the spirit, etc.) and in the external world (i.e., buildings, mountains, weather, trees, etc.).  Qi permeates and connects all phenomena in the world.  Although qi manifests in many different forms, Qi is the fundamental unity between all things- ultimately everything is one.


What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a practice that allow the free flow, or inter-exchange, of Qi between the person and the universe.  The goal of practice is to balance and cultivate qi- and in so doing, the body, mind, and spirit.  Qi gong practice aims to unify these three aspects of the human being—and so the ultimate goal of practice is for everything to become one,  return to wholeness.


Benefits of Qi Gong Practice

Qi gong functions on several levels: the physical body, the emotions, and the spirit.  Just by moving, we are able to affect the physical body to some degree.  The second, higher level is the emotional: by opening the heart and entering a qi gong state we not only affect the body, but also the emotions.  The third, highest level involves not only the body and emotions, but also the spirit.  Although these levels affect distinct aspects of an individual, they ultimately are parts of one whole- and so are all affected by qi-gong practice.


Guidelines for Qi Gong Practice

  • Wear loose, comfortable, breathable clothing
  • Do not practice on a very empty or very full stomach
  • Avoid intoxicants several hours before and after qi gong practice
  • Inform the teacher if you are experiencing discomfort or difficulty performing the movements